Training Course on IPRs in the Globalization of Chinese Enterprises Was Successfully Concluded
Release time:2017-08-17


July 11, organized by the Beijing Intellectual Property Office, the training course on IPRs of globalization of Chinese enterprises was held in Beijing. ACIP’s senior partner Shelley Zheng, partner Lucy Zheng, Da Ha, Xiao Yan were invited to the course. General Manager of ACIP’s Hangzhou Office, Mr. Caijie, was invited to attend and give a keynote speech.

Caijie’s speech centered the theme of "Company’s Overseas Patent Layout and International Development", using the industry of self-balancing scooter as main analysis example.


In the speech, Caijie pointed out that with the deepening of the internationalization of China's enterprise development, overseas patent “war” intensified. Self-balancing scooter patent litigation cases and 337 investigation occurred in recent years are strong witness. Taking these cases as a mirror, Chinese companies should rethink all the “how,when, where, and what” of their overseas patent layout, and actively explore new approaches, so as to enhance their overseas core competitiveness.