April 26 World IP Day | Overseas IPR Protection and Enforcement Seminar
Release time:2016-04-27

Every April 26, we celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day to help more people get to know the important role that intellectual property rights play in the advancement of civilization, and furthermore help explore the knowledge on how intellectual property rights owners could better protect or enforce their innovation and creativity.

This year, ACIP also co-organized seminars and other activities. The seminar on Overseas IPR protection and Enforcement on April 20 is one of these. This seminar was held by GDIPO (Guangdong Intellectual Property Office), Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office and GDPAA (Guangdong Patent Agency Association). It attracted over 200 attendees from enterprises, research institutes, universities, law firms and etc.

At the beginning of the seminar, Hanfan YIN, secretary-general of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Research Society gave us an opening speech. Mr YIN mentioned that as the birthplace of four great inventions, the protection of intellectual property of China can be traced back hundreds of years before, to the Qing dynasty’s Wu Xu Reform movement where the first written patent law emerged. However, war and other factors have brought ups and downs, twists and turns to the development of IP in China; out of the shadow of the war in China, the importance of protecting intellectual property rights has been widely recognized; and we still need to continue to learn and grow in the field of IP to get the rapid development by leaps and bounds.

After that, Mr. Jie HU, president of the Guangdong Patent Agency Association, also delivered an opening speech. He reiterated the important role of intellectual property in today's economy which constantly brings opportunities as well as challenges to IPR protection. He took the development of Japan’s intellectual property protection as an example to encourage Chinese enterprises and hoped that we could further enhance the ability to use the intellectual property legal system to defend our rights and interests home and abroad.

After the opening speech, Dr. Nicola Tarantini from BUGNION S.p.A introduced BUGNION and says that China and Italy has a long history of friendship, and at all levels their exchanges and cooperation are deepening. In the field of intellectual property, "respect for intellectual achievement, customer needs first" is mutually recognized at both countries’ cultural background. After that, Dr. Cristina Biggi presented us new progress of unified European patent system and introduced relevant IP protection strategies.

Dr. Cristina Biggi

Dr. Marco Lucchini analyzed in detail the intellectual property disputes on EU exhibitions and introduced to Chinese enterprises the IP litigation skills before the European Court.

Dr. Marco Lucchini

Dr. SunWei RAO from Greenberg Traurig, LLP introduced the United States patent system and its latest trends through statutes analysis and case analysis in all aspects.

Dr. SunWei RAO

Kenneth Chang, Managing Partner of the Kilpatrick Townsend Shanghai Office, gave an introduction of the US International Trade Commission and the section 337 and analyzed the reviewing elements of the corresponding provisions, coping skills were presented through rich data and cases.

Mr. Kenneth Chang

The lecture of Mr. Aki Ryuka, president of RYUKA IP law firm, includes two parts, firstly on how to respond to the High Court’s ruling "claim of rights of products made by the patented process", and secondly on the "No Injunction when a willing licensee infringes a FRAND patent" based on the introduction of the fair Trade Commission of Japan.

Mr. Aki Ryuka

Lecturers from Italy, the United States and Japan presented information in many fields of intellectual property of these countries. It is believed that this lecture could be of substantial meaning to Chinese enterprises as to enhance their knowledge and ability to protect their overseas intellectual property rights.